Welcome to Redmark!

InarraThe Chronicles of Redmark is a player-maintained blog detailing the escapades of a well established group as we embark on our first long term campaign utilizing Dungeons and Dragon’s Next.

We play online every (or most, anyway) Thursday night for about 4 hours, and due to the fact that the group literally spans the breadth of North America – from the East coast to the West coast and as far North as Canada! – we use Roll20.net and Google Hangouts for video and audio – yay for technology, right?

The incredibly beautiful setting we’re using for this campaign was created by group member Stan Shinn as part of his “World of Redmark”, (KICKSTARTER COMING SOON), while the mythology was co-created by the group.

If you want to know more about the players, check out the “Meet the Group” tab above, if you want to learn about the characters we’re playing, check out the “Meet the Characters” page right next door.

While we emphasize roleplaying, we do still try to have fun along the way, so things might get a bit goofy from time to time but trust me when I say that we’re genuinely trying to stay in character and limit meta gaming.

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