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2/20/2014 Session: “Better sleeping with the dogs than sleeping with the fishes…”

Participants: Paul (Myles), Stan (Ash), Damien (Darius), Matt (Barundar) missing Cameron (Amon)

When we last left the party, they had just acquired a new member – the actual Darius McFoggle, Myles had confronted a former rival and current captain of the guard of Otemshire, Cletus, and the party witnessed a seemingly peaceful gnoll being placed in a cage.



The group continues on to Otemshire, reaching the gates as the sun begins to dip below the horizon.  As they pass through the gates, Myles and Barundar both notice that the guards present are totally new faces, and both agree that they appear to be very, “green”.

All the aquatic charm of Wenshire without the stench, cult or horrible monsters!

All the aquatic charm of Wenshire without the stench, cult or horrible monsters!

The party splits up, Myles heading to his house to see his family, Barundar heading to the stables with the horses, Ash heads to the inn to find boarding for the evening and Darius wanders the market “to do some things….”  He flips 10gp to Ash and asks that he “take care of rooms for me and my boys” before thanklessly walking off into the twilight.

Ash finds the inn to be bustling with activity.  Artisans, sailors, soldiers and hunters mingle in a large mass as songs are sung and people party the night away.  After arranging for rooms, Ash overhears a couple of guards discussing the upcoming raid that Cletus is arranging.  The two curse Cletus’ hubris and his “hair brained” scheme to raid the Badlands and try to solve the problem of the growing storm.  Ash approaches and offers the party’s services but the guards clam up and say that he will have to discuss the idea with Cletus, rolling their eyes in the process.

Just as they finish their conversation, Cletus arrives in the bar and acts like a local celebrity as he makes a big scene about his presence.  He gives an impromptu (and unrequested) speech to the crowd about the upcoming raid.  Attempting to bolster his troop’s morale, he buys a few rounds for the bar (to further rolling eyes from the civilians around the bar) but many soldiers are unimpressed.

[Nathan explains that Cletus is the type of guy that wears a blue tooth all the time, which instantly gives the players a good sense of what he’s like.]

Barundar stumbles his way into the bar, still shaking off a few days’ worth of “Dwarven mourning” over the death of Renaldo.

Dwarven mourning involves a LOT of drinking.

Dwarven mourning involves a LOT of drinking.

Across town, Myles is getting raked over the coals by his very unsympathetic wife, Ravella.  Upon walking in the door, she immediately hits him up for earnings (forcing him to hand over 6gp) and scolding him for walking out on the family.  He explains all the things he and his party have done in Wenshire but she’s uninterested in hearing his stories of heroism.  She fills him in on some of the goings on in town, Cletus’ overhaul of the town guard and how much of an ass everyone thinks he is.  Not feeling very welcomed, [and to keep Nathan from having to RP anything weird] Myles bids his farewell to Ravella.  She seems very upset until he explains that he’ll send gold back from the road, which seems to calm her down a lot.  Throughout the entire exchange, Ravella never got up from her sewing table [which is actually pretty similar to Paul’s actual life at home… the realization that his marriage in the game is as dysfunctional as in real life is soul crushing.*]  He says he’ll stop by to see the kids in the morning but that he’s headed into the Badlands the next day.  She says, “Yea, okay, whatever, just send money if you can” and Myles runs for a consolatory drink at the bar.

Darius finds nothing “interesting” at the market and heads for the inn as well.

Myles enters the inn to find Cletus still rambling on about “wresting victory from the brink of defeat” and “finding solace in the fact that, although many will likely die, they will die as heroes cleansing the Badlands of evil.”  As he enters, he bumps a man from behind and causes him to drop his tankard on the ground.  The interruption causes Cletus to swirl in the tabletop and his blood boils as he sees Myles as the cause.  A mischievous wave washes over his face and he addressed Myles.  “Ah well, who do we have here?  Boys,” he says looking at the soldiers present,” who here recognizes the name Tyson?  It seems he felt that now was a good time to pay us a visit… anyone who wants promoted will apprehend that man immediately!”  Two men spring to their feet and move to grab Myles.

Ash bellows a command word of “STOP” to one of the men, causing his movement to grind to a halt as he’s held in a trance.  The second soldier moves forward, but slips on the tankard on the ground and faceplants at Myles’ feet, knocking himself unconscious.

Myles places a boot on the back of the unconscious guard and addresses Cletus and the bar.  “Cletus, stop this charade.  You, I and the good people of Otemshire know that I’m Myles and not Tyson, now stand down and spare these men’s lives… for at least one more night, until you lead them to their deaths on this ill-fated raid…”

His words resonate with many of the townsfolk present, but they enrage Cletus and he points to a table to 4 more guards and calls them to action.

Barundar rushes to Cletus’ side and grabs him by the collar, raises him into the air and shouts, “CUT THIS OUT!”  The direct aggression is enough to break Cletus’ will and he tells his men to stand down.  Darius walks into the bar, sees the party in a standoff and asks Myles if he needs to, “off anybody” Myles responds, “not yet.”

Myles approaches Cletus and confronts him about the stunt and threatens that the next time he pull it he won’t hold back.  The duo argue back and forth a bit but Myles decides to try to be the bigger man and offers to assist the raid to help secure Otemshire.  Cletus scoffs at the offer and huffs off into the night to prepare for the early morning raid.

Cletus always was kindof a prick.

Cletus always was kindof a prick.

Throughout the evening at the bar they learn that the raid consists of 59 foot and 6 mounted guards, including Cletus.

Following a restful night, the group sets about making preparations to delve into the Badlands and tail the raid.  Ash heads over early to discuss the issue of the Wenshire, fish-people curse to see if the local clerics know anything.  The acolyte that greets him at the door mentions having heard about something similar once and commits to searching the library for any information that may relate to the curse.

Barundar head to the artisan district and find a gem shop and decide to offload some of their gems – especially the large rubies from the Dagon shrine.  They walk in to find an aged dwarf

Barundar is totally onto this gem shop owner..

Barundar is totally onto this gem shop owner..

standing behind the counter inspecting stones.  After showing them their gems and a bit of negotiation, he offers them 85gp for the lot.  As Myles turns to leave, Barundar’s hair stands on end and he notices that the gem cutter is giving a specific gem that he had just sold to him a great deal of attention.  Barundar inspects the room looking for signs [of something] but finds none, so he shrugs it off as he and Myles leave and head to the market to stock up on projectiles.


Ash, Amon and [for some reason] Darius – 15gp

Myles – 16gp

Barundar – 24gp

The party regroups and travels to the hanging tree to attempt to recover the gnoll they saw get imprisoned the day before.  A lone guard stands at the base of the tree, looking nervously back and forth along the trail.  Darius approaches and attempts to persuade the guard to “skee-dattle” but is unsuccessful so he resorts to more… direct… means and threatens to put a crossbow bolt through his head.

Only the lamest of guards is intimidated by a halfling...

Only the lamest of guards is intimidated by a halfling…

Myles approaches and communicates with the gnoll in broken goblin-tongue.  He says that they’re there to help and that they trust that he came in peace and he convinces the gnoll to break the cage, a task he completes with ease.  As he throws the remnants of the cage aside, the gnoll faces Myles and places one hand across its chest and raises the other.  Myles interprets this to be some sort of friendship ritual and backs away, saying that they “really need to get going…”

The gnoll explains that his name is “Gn,hal” [but no one knows how to pronounce a comma, so the group takes to calling him Guh-knoll.]

Guh-knoll leads the way, running on all fours in front of the mounted party.  As he runs, he explains that heading directly towards the center of the Badlands is “certain death”.  Myles figures that this is exactly what Cletus is likely to do, so the group forms a plan to skirt the raid party and draw them in a safer path.  Guh-knoll mentions that there are a few warriors left in his tribe that may be able to help.

The group catches up the raiding party just as they’re setting up to camp for the night.  They decide to run ahead and meet up with Guh-knoll’s tribe, so they ride on into the night.

02202014 - the gnoll campSometime later, they approach three giant rock outcroppings upon which lit fires are burning brightly.  Guh-knoll deftly scales the side of one of the rocks to explain the situation as the group nervously waits below.  Guh-knoll comes back and tells them that his tribe is unhappy about their presence, but happy to have their support in cleansing the great evil.  He invites the party to camp within their settlement, an offer they politely decline.  Instead, they setup camp on a smaller plateau outside of the gnoll camp.  Guh-knoll asks if he might stay with them for the evening.  Myles feels that Guh-knoll really is being honest about his intentions and agrees to let him share the tent.

In the middle of the night, Barundar and Ash are awoken by a skittering sound.  Moments later, a war horn bellows through the night and the skittering sound picks up its pace.  The horn serves to wake up the remainder of the party and the entire gnoll camp.

As Ash steps from the tent, two shadowy, gnoll shaped figures strike out with sharpened claws.  Both sets of claws find their mark in the cleric’s flesh, dragging him down a small embankment.  Even through the veil of night Ash can sense the presence of undead.  Calling upon his god he casts Turn Undead.

zombie stalker

Darius wakes up and [rolling the highest roll we’ve seen in the game thus far, a 29] stealths into oblivion before pulling his crossbow out and shooting a gnoll zombie in the head, dropping it to the ground.

Myles jumps down the cliff after Ash and tries to draw the attention of the remaining zombies.  As he falls through the air, he sees the silhouettes of many more zombies lurching through the night towards them.  He relays this fact back to the group and they begin to flee.

"Uhhh... fellas... let's just run..."

“Uhhh… fellas… let’s just run…”

Darius runs [really far] but decides to take a shot as he’s running.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t take his incredible speed into account, and the shot goes awry and finds its resting spot in Barundar’s thigh.  With his attacker preoccupied with Myles, Ash scrambles up the stone wall and casts light so as to get a better view of the battlefield.  His holy light reveals is about another dozen zombies rushing towards the gnoll camp.

Barundar attempts to shoot with his heavy crossbow but is surprised by the bright light, causing him to shoot Guh-knoll in the back.  Luckily for their new beast-friend, this didn’t cause too much pain as he throws himself across the makeshift campsite and crushes the zombie gnoll attacking Myles.  As he kicks the zombie’s corpse a final time, he urges Myles to run.

Most of the party continues their strategic retreat, attempting to get to the gnoll camp on the top of the tall rock outcroppings.  Myles scrambles to the top of the small rock that he and his party were camping on and before the runs he reaches down for Guh-knoll to help him up.  Unfortunately, the gnoll’s weight is too much and Myles is unable to drag him up, but Guh-knoll gives him an appreciative glance as he is attacked by a group of zombies.

[Matt leaves to catch a flight]

Darius, Myles, Ash and the gnolls battle the oncoming zombie horde, with Darius racking up most of the kills [including blatantly stealing one of Myles’ kills by executing the zombie point blank] and Ash eventually falls [to two consecutive crits].  After shooting Myles’ zombie in the back of the head with his crossbow, Darius informs Myles that, “Yer friend the cleric is dead, you might want to help him out…” before sprinting across the battlefield to kill more zombies.

It turns out that Myles is really only an effective fighter when one of his friends is dying.

It turns out that Myles is really only an effective fighter when one of his friends is dying.

Myles sees his friend the cleric lying prone on the ground, being assailed by a pair of zombies and flies into a rage [with ANOTHER two consecutive crits] decapitating both zombies before kneeling to stabilize his buddy.

Guh-knoll springs around ripping zombie heads off and Darius eventually kills the final zombie [for a total of 7 kills in his first fight…]

Lots of dead zombies down there....

Lots of dead zombies down there….

After the dust settles [and the party’s tent is moved well inside the gnoll camp] Guh-knoll explains that the zombies are fallen gnolls from the once numerous tribes that stalked the Badlands.  He continues to explain that there is a “man temple” in the center of the Badlands that is spewing a dark smoke.

Myles knows of legends from his youth of a temple deep within the Badlands that was built as a prison, but no one believed the story.

The group decides to continue with their plan to kite the raiding party in an arc around the center of the Badlands in an attempt to draw them to a safer route to the temple.

2/13/2013 Session: “Cultists and Kaiju and Gnolls, oh MY!”

Participants: Paul (Myles), Stan (Ash), Damien (various); missing Matt (Barundar) and Cameron (Amon)


As we last left the party, Renaldo had succumbed to the icy grip of death at the hands of the Chaos Cult and Ash and Myles had followed the trail of blood from the lighthouse through the town to the chapel wherein they found a ladder that led to a hidden temple of Dagon….

The mayor of the town [Terrence Rout, “T. Rout”] stands in front of a mass of townsfolk delivering a dark sermon.  Renaldo’s corpse rests on the ground in front of him, two acolytes collecting his blood in a bowl.  The acolytes hand the bowl to the mayor, addressing him as the high priest before bowing deeply and returning to Renaldo’s body.

At the height of the demonic rites, the high priest/mayor holds the bowl of sacrificial blood high above his head, then begins to drink it.  The crowd of cultists goes wild with adoration as the priest finishes the last of Renaldo’s blood.

Terrence Rout, high priest of the Chaos Cult lurches backwards and drops the bowl.  The bowl shatters as the priest begins to convulse and writhe on the ground.  A hush falls over the crowd, and Ash and Myles who have managed to go unnoticed thus far look at each other worriedly.

The high priest’s skin begins to wriggle and bulge awkwardly.  Suddenly, a large green arm shoots forth from his back.  The priest rises to his feet, but it’s obvious to all around that something isn’t quite the same about him… Everyone’s worries are confirmed as more appendages break through his skin.  The high priest’s skin begins splitting at his head, and an impossibly large monstrous form emerges from the shell of skin.


An enormous lizard-ish monster escapes from the high priest’s skin, throwing the remains against the wall with one of its many, disjointed arms.  Horns and scales protrude from its entire 30’ length and it is supported by a dozen or so oddly placed appendages.  It’s “face” consists of a single, gaping maw of teeth that line the entirety of the opening, even extending down into what one would normally call a throat.

The beast quickly turns on the cultists, decapitating and devouring both acolytes.  Ash notes that the crowd is surprisingly still supportive of the recent developments as the monster begins to reduce those in front into a bloody paste that it shovels into its mouth with its extra hands.  It’s only when the monster has gotten through about half of the cultists that the remainder’s will begins to break and they run for the ladder.

Myles and Ash take this opportunity to try to hide in the chamber, but Ash is spotted.  It’s not

Nothing is quite as interesting as seeing a giant monster devour an entire temple's worth of cultists barreling towards you...

Nothing is quite as interesting as seeing a giant monster devour an entire temple’s worth of cultists barreling towards you…

that he noticed the abomination looking at him (due to a lack of things Ash could identify as eyes) but a darkness sweeps over him as demonic ramblings fill his head.

Ash, still battered and bruised from the encounters at the lighthouse decides to flee, pivoting and turning for the ladder.  He cries out to Myles that he will serve as a distraction to provide time to recover Renaldo’s body.  As he crests the ladder, Ash calls back for his remains to be delivered to Father Ambrose.

The monster, having dispatched all of the cultists, lurches forward and, in a single movement slings its body up the ladder and breaks through the ground into the chapel above in pursuit of Ash.

Myles leaves the shadows and recovers Renaldo’s corpse, throwing him on his back and, wading through the gory remnants of the Chaos Cultists, makes his way up the ladder.

Above, Ash runs for his life through the town.  Before he gets too far, the wall of the chapel explodes in a shower of splinters and boards as the abomination breaks through into the night.  The noise draws a number of townsfolk out of the surrounding buildings, providing plenty of targets for the monster’s fury.

Ash cries out for everyone to return to their homes, but many remain outside.  The monster sets upon a group of innocents, devouring them in one quick bite.  Myles reaches the now ruined chapel at the top of the ladder and makes his way through the ruined town in pursuit of Ash.

With the monster close on his trail (and currently stomping a group of orphans into a bloody mush), Ash catches sight of the lighthouse in his peripheral vision.  A wave of insight washes over him as he realizes that the purifying light of the stone will probably destroy the monster.  Ash calls out to Myles, informing him of his plan to reach the lighthouse.

The duo flee through the town as quickly as possible as the monster continues to wreak havoc on the town behind them.  Ash casts light on a bolt from his pack and throws it behind himself to test his theory and, sure enough, the monster reels from the light screaming out in pain, buying he and Myles a bit more of a lead.

The town guards finally arrives on the scene and are surveying the damage from the rampage as they catch sight of the monster.  They bravely draw their crossbows and plink away at the beast, drawing its attention.  The monster approaches and eviscerates one of the guards, throwing a second into the wall, reducing him into a pile of broken bones.  The third takes an opportunity to flee and rushes back to the guard house.

After a series of further close calls, Myles and Ash arrive at the gate that separates the town and leads to the lighthouse.

Imagine this with Yakety Sax playing

If I could add Yackety Sax to this gif I think it would really capture the scene…

As the duo sprints across the wooden bridge towards the lighthouse, the beast vaults over the gated wall, viscera still dripping from its maw.  The beast lurches for the bay, where, as it dives into the water it shows its true potential for speed, ripping through the water at an incredible pace.  The beast closes the gap between itself and Myles and Ash in moments and launches itself from the water and into the bridge, destroying it from under the party’s feet.

Ash looks over his shoulder to see the monster crest the water... the sight will haunt him for the rest of his days...

Ash looks over his shoulder to see the monster crest the water… the sight will haunt him for the rest of his days…

Finally reaching the lighthouse island, Ash leads Myles up the spiraling staircase towards the holy light and the beast launches itself from the depths, grasping at the exterior of the stone tower.  Spare appendages reach through windows and tear at the ankles of Ash and Myles as they sprint to the top of the tower, just ahead of the beast.

Myles finds himself on the top of the tower first and sets about trying to turn the altar into which the magical stone was set.  He pushes with all of his might, his feet slipping on the smooth stone surface but to no avail.

Ash runs past the floundering warrior and focuses on the stone itself.  He grasps the floating stone and spins it around towards the unmistakable sound of the monster scraping its way up the side of the tower just in time to blast it in the face with holy light.

AHHHhhhhh this kinda hurts..

AHHHhhhhh this kinda hurts..

The monster’s skin instantly boils under the intense light, emitting a green-black smoke from its writhing form as it flails about in agony.  The demonic mumblings present in Myles and Ash’s heads becomes a scream before going silent.  The beast suffers one final seizure before going limp, its weight dragging it back off of the tower and onto the rocks far below before sinking into the depths of the sea!

Myles and Ash breathe a heavy sigh of relief and are further consoled to realize that the stone of the lighthouse is now slowly rotating around, casting its protective light on land and sea.

They hurry back to the town to survey the damage and aid the survivors.  Ash is able to save the lives of a few wounded townsfolk while Myles tries to bring calm back to the village and rescue survivors from beneath collapsed buildings.

The remaining townsfolk are all out of their homes, helping in the recovery.  As the scene comes back under control Ash and Myles are left to address the crowd.  Ash explains the cult activity and, as he’s speaking to the crowd, realizes that many non-cultists in the town strongly resemble fish.

As he pieces the bits of information together Ash realizes that things are worse than they seemed.  He explains to the crowd that he suspects that many among them are actually tainted by the cult and are possibly the offspring of human/fishfolk pairings, destined to eventually become fishfolk.  He explains that he doesn’t know how to cure this “illness”, but that he will investigate it throughout his travels and return to help.

A few people in the crowd come forward with rumors about shady fishermen and town officials had made a deal with the deep ones, giving some women from the town for breeding in exchange for increased fish production to put into the trade.  They also reveal that around 50 people from the town had gone to Redmark for the festival of the Weeping Angel.  Ash and Myles prescribe that each of the 50 be taken up the lighthouse and be subject to its light as guards look for adverse reactions, explaining that those that react unnaturally should be neutralized before they reestablish the cult presence.

As Ash and Myles conclude the town meeting, they establish that the one remaining and healthy guard (Donald) be made the interim mayor [since he IS the highest ranking official still alive…]

Its unclear if this is Ash giving the speech, or Donald after we put him in charge...

Its unclear if this is Ash giving the speech, or Donald after we put him in charge…

After the crowd disperses, Myles and Ash set about trying to find out more information about the cult, but no one knows anything more.  After searching many of the former town leader’s homes and offices and turning up nothing, they finally surmise that the cult (and the fishfolk) likely live in an underwater town off the shore – as is evidenced by the statues at the base of the lighthouse that point out to sea.  Before they set out, Ash insists that they destroy the dark temple to Dagon.  Myles topples the great statue and Ash sets about cleansing the site of all dark symbols.  Myles discovers two large [softball sized] rubies that were set into the statues eyes, estimating their worth at 50gp each.  The duo set out with Renaldo’s body in tow for Otemshire.


2 softball sized rubies, 50gp each

As Myles and Ash complete the two day journey to Otemshire they arrive at a location that Myles knows well, a large tree beset with crow cages for holding of prisoners.  A large crowd surrounds the base of the tree and one looming figure stands at its center.  Two guards stand in Myles and Ash’s path and block their way.

Meanwhile, a surly looking Halfling approaches from the North, having just passed through Otemshire also approaches the tree and is blocked by another pair of guards.  Following closely behind this Halfling are an odd trio of manservants.  All together the guards are boggled by the four strangers in front of them until the Halfling pipes up, “What are youse stopping us for, we’re trying to LEAVE your two-bit town.. Don’t you know who I am?  I’m LORD Darius McFoggle you numbskulls, let me pass!”

Myles flashes his credentials as a former guard and pushes past the two rookie guards blocking his way.  He approaches the hanging tree to find a most curious sight, a gnoll, standing peacefully in the midst of a raging crowd.  The gnoll is handcuffed with simple manacles which Myles notes he could easily break if he so chose.  Myles recognizes that the gnoll is calling out clumsily goblin-tongue, a language he knows.

In broken goblin, Myles and the gnoll converse as Ash works to hush the crowd.  The gnoll explains that he came to Otemshire under a white flag to warn of a “dark evil” but ran into a woman and was quickly waylaid by the guards and accused of all sorts of evil and crimes before being brought to the cages.

Despite Myles’ pleas for his release, the gnoll is thrown into the cage.  Before continuing on their way, Myles assures the gnoll that he will do all that he can to assure his release.  The pair continue Northward towards Otemshire, passing an odd group being accosted by more novice guards.  Myles and Ash pay no mind until they hear a name that cuts them to their still-grieving hearts – “McFoggle”.

whatdidyousayMyles hears the Halfling saying the name and stops on a dime, confronting the small man, pointing to the corpse of Renaldo as, “the REAL Darius McFoggle…” to which the Halfling retorts, “Woah-ho-ho there, tinman.. I’m tellin’ yas, I’M Darius McFoggle.  I heard someone was using my name down South and I decided to come, uh—investigate.”  Fearing that this odd group are agents sent by the Dawn’s Master, Myles places his hand on his sword and says, “If you’re agents of the Dawn’s Master, you’d better just come out and say it…”  Darius throws his hands up and suggests that the group takes his conversation somewhere moreprivate where he reveals that he’s no friend of the Dawn’s Master himself and he’s “certainly not working with him… anymore.”  Darius suggests that the late Renaldo must have overheard his name back in Nimroth because he’s “kindof a big deal back in Halanor.”

Darius reveals that he had dealings in the past with the Dawn’s Master with “merchandise” but won’t go so far as to admit that he dealt in drugs or stone statuettes.

Myles asks about the three folks behind Darius and they introduce themselves in turn.  A dwarf with a yellow beard and goggles explains that his name is Jack and that he’s a trap-smith.  A bald elf steps forth and introduces himself as Qin Ban, a scout.  A really old human introduces himself as Winston, the beast of burden, “somewhat of an expert in that field”.

Darius explains that he is not the lord of fisticuffs as quoted by Renaldo, but instead is a

This is how I'm picturing Darius...

This is how I’m picturing Darius…

rather stealthy ranged fighter, adept with the light crossbow.  Now that Darius’ mission to head to Lanmis has been cut a few hundred miles short, he offers to travel with Myles and Ash as they head back North, an offer the duo accepts.

As the group heads to Otemshire, Myles takes note of the Badlands to the North.  He explains that an ever-present storm ravages its center, but he is greatly concerned to see that the storm is significantly larger, something thae he’s never seen happen before.  He guesses that this is related to the “dark evil” mentioned by the gnoll.

Before the newly expanded group can enter the town, a group of mounted men ride up to them, one of whom Myles knows well, Cletus, the new-ish captain of the guard and “ass-kisser supreme.”  Cletus dismounts and approaches Myles and the group with an arrogant air.  He and Myles almost immediately being arguing over every possible topic; the storm, the gnoll, Cletus’ post as guard captain – everything.  Ash and Darius are left to make small talk as the two former colleagues bicker.

Myles suggests that Cletus and the guards should listen to the gnoll’s warnings, an idea that Cletus wholeheartedly shoots down as absurd.  Cletus threatens Myles and the group as he mounts his horse by saying, “If I hear that you’re interfering with my prisoner, I will not hold back in retaliation.” Myles shocks the arrogant guard captain by saying that he, “hopes it comes to that…”

As the group continues on they hear Cletus addressing the crowd around the hanging tree, claiming credit for protecting the town from “evil intruders” like the peaceful gnoll and explains that a “strike force” from the town will soon be venturing in to cleanse the Badlands…