Meet the Characters

The Motley Crew:

Amonhotep: Played by Cameron

Amon picture






Ash Thornfield: Played by Stan

Ash image






Barundar (BAR-uhn-DAR) Strongheart: Played by Matt

Barundar image






Myles Bergennier: Played by Paul

Myles PictureMyles is a former town guard from the village of Otemshire on the far-Northern borders of the Redmark empire.  To the best of his memory, he has always borne an uncanny resemblance to one of the most infamous highwaymen in the region – Tyson “the Terrible” Alway.  Since pretty much everyone in Redmark would recognize him as Tyson and attack him on sight, Myles goes to great measures to ensure that his face is always hidden.  As Myles tells it, he was forced to leave the Otemshire guard when his less-than-literal interpretation of the rules made him a target for downsizing.  He took to the road, leaving his family behind to earn money on the road with the long term goal of bringing Tyson to justice and maybe even figure out exactly why they look so much alike in the process…

Renaldo: Played by Damien

Renaldo imageUntil recently, Renaldo has lived his life as an influential nobleman in the city of Nimroth. After tiring of the aristocratic facade that he forced himself to endure for so many years, he fled from his home, and decided (with little to no foresight on the matter) to become a legendary barbarian of peerless strength and endurance. Let’s just say he’s still got a long way to go.


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