Meet the Group

A bit of background:

We’re a group of simple table top gaming enthusiasts that met by sheer chance in August of 2012 when Nathan posted an otherwise nondescript post on the looking-for-game forums with the intent of running a module in the Dungeons and Dragon’s Next playtest.

What could have been a short few-session engagement really took off as we delved deep into the Caves of Chaos.  Three months (and lots of making Nathan think on his feet) later we moved on to the Isle of Dread and with two really good adventures under our belts, we figured that we had a good thing going and that it was probably best to stick together.

We whiled away the summer of 2013 playing various systems (Fate, Cortex, Marvel Heroic, Savage Worlds, etc – just to try them out) and finally decided to partake in a longer term campaign of our own creation.

Nathan is our resident GM, but most of us have taken a turn behind the screen, and a number of us run individual games on the side either IRL or online.  At some point down the line you may see characters drop in or out as we sporadically rotate GM responsibilities.

The Crew:

Cameron – 

Damien – Also known by my screen name Mustardo. I got into roleplaying games with the introduction of 4th Edition D&D, which was all I had ever played for years until joining this group and trying out an assortment of game systems. I like to make characters that are entertaining and memorable, using a balanced mix of humour and depth. When I’m not roleplaying, I can usually be found sitting atop my golden chariot led by a blessing of unicorns, rescuing orphaned baby chinchillas from the clutches of the nefarious forest pixies who want to capture them and raise them as beasts of war.

Matt – 

Nathan –  I am the Dungeon Master of the group. I have been playing RPG’s for over 20 years. I first played in Boy Scout camp when I was a wee little lad, where I fell in love with what is now my favorite hobby/pastime.  I’ve played every edition of D&D to some extent and believe that each edition brought something unique and useful to the game.  So, when I heard an open playtest was happening for the new edition, Next, I was all in.  I looked for a group to play with in my home town (KC) but alas it was a no go.  Then I looked for a group on the then brand new, Roll20 online gaming table.  I found the current group (sans Cameron) and haven’t looked back.

Paul –  I found Nathan’s post not even knowing what the Next playtest was!  I had played a combined total of probably 6 D&D 4e sessions online prior to finding this group, but they were kind enough to let a completely new player join in on the action.  I have played a number of different character roles  in the group (currently serving as the Fighter) but tend to prefer Rogues.  I have a vast history of console RPGs, with a very soft spot for anything Bethesda, wherein I usually play a sneak-based player as well.  Aside from this game and authoring this blog I work in marketing in the Agricultural industry and am the father of two (very soon to be three) kids.

Stan – 

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